Chevato was born to the San Puer Band of Lipan Apache.  His Father was Sha-be-te, his Mother was Ah-ke-kon.  Ah-ke-kon was actually a Tonkawa.  The Tonkawa and Lipan were allies and often camped together.  His had one living full brother, Penero, and a half sister, Pecha, (Ruth Mills Wadsworth). Ruth's Mother was O-chin-nee.  The Lipan were placed on the Mescalero Apache Reservation in New Mexico.
    Chevato's parents were killed when he was 17 1/2. He was left to care for his younger Brother Penero, and his very young Sister Pecha.  
    During his life on the Mescalero Reservation he was enlisted as a scout for the U. S. Army.  As was custom, the Lipan were given English names.  Chevato is a Mexican name meaning "Goat" or Little Lamb.  Billy the Kid was also called Chevato at times, (Billy "Goat") Where Jasper came from, who knows.  But Billy the Kid also used his stepfather's last name, which was Antrim.  So, trying to understand the name choice, we can only assume this "may" have been the thinking of the white government of the day.  
    On the Mescalero Reservation Chevato had a wife, A-chah-hay, 2 sons, Susco, (Harry), and Algerno (Paul), and a daughter Mineha (Carrie). 
    According to the 1889 Mescalero Apache Agency census the following names were listed.
                    Chevato            Jasper Antrim         age 35
                    Susco               Wayne Antrim              12
                        (Susco would have been Chivato's son we know as
                         Harry Heath)
                    Algerno            Joe Antrim                      8
                         (Algerno we think may have been another son Paul)
                    Mineha             Cora Antrim                  13
                         (Mineha would have been the daugther we know as
                    No mention of Chevato's wife. 
       In the late 1800's he left Mescalero with his brother and very young sister Pecha for Comanche Country in Oklahoma and were accepted into band of Quanah Parker as Comanche's.  Bringing with him also was the Native American Religion using the Peyote Rituals.  He introduced this into the Oklahoma tribes.  On the way to Comanche Country his sister Pecha was left with a kind white family in Texas. She was adopted by them, educated, became a nurse and served in the war, retiring in California.  Her grave is found at Johannesburg, Kern County, California.  No children.       
    He returned to Mescalero to get his Mother Ah-ke-kon, grandmother, and his daughter Carrie.  His son Harry had been sent to the Chilocco Indian Boarding School in Northern Oklahoma.       
    Quanah Parker had a neice, Pihe, that he was very fond of.  How close that relationship was we don't know.  Comanche tradition could be distant at times but still be close by bond.  A neice could even be a cousin's daughter but still be called neice and treated as a daughter.  He asked Chevato to marry her.  Of this marriage were born 4 sons.  James Hezekia, Thomas David, Mooney Sunrise, and William Leonard.     
     During the time allotments were assigned to each tribal member, (1901-06) Chevato was given the name Billy Chebahtah.  We already know Billy is Chevato in Mexican, but Chebahtah has no meaning in Comanche.  Again we can only guess how they (government of the day) decided a name.  Suppose Chevato was asked his Father's name, since the Father's last name was carried on in the White World.  His Father's name was Sha-be-te.  Only a guess!!  Harry Heath his oldest son, and Paul Chebahtah were with him in Oklahoma.  No mention of Paul has ever been made, but there is a grave marked with his name in the Post Oak Cemetery at Indiahoma.

    Chevato was a medicine man, very strong in his faith, and his medicine.  Many people from all around would visit him at his home west of Indiahoma, Oklahoma.  Pihe died when William Leonard, the youngest, was less than ten years old.  The older brothers became guardians for the two youngest, William Leonard and Mooney Sunrise, as did their Father when his Mother and Father were killed. 

     Chevato is buried at the Post Oak Cemetery in Indiahoma, along with his wife Pihe, his Mother, and four of his sons.  The two youngest sons are buried at Deyo Baptist Cemetery west of Lawton, Okla.